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A logo is the first impression and sometimes the only chance your business will have to make an impact, grab attention and attract customers and users. Having a clean, simple and attractive company logo and branding can add huge value to your business, its important to make sure this is right and allowing time and effort will increase your business’ chances of success.

The key to beautiful logo design is simplicity and as cliché as it is, less is certainly more when it comes to getting your branding right. It needs to be a true reflection of your business and what your business offers.

We have put together a portfolio of some recent examples of Logo design for some of our essex based small businesses and what we feel ticks all these boxes. So whether your a start-up looking to create a new brand or logo, an existing small business looking to refine or refresh your existing brand, our objective is to work with you to create solutions that are clean, precise and impactful.

Take a look and let us know what you think?
DesignBcreative Logo Portfolio

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