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A logo is very often the first thing a person will see when being introduced to a company, which is why it is vital that first impression is the right one and a memorable one.

We believe the key to getting logo design right is simplicity, as clichĂ© as it is “less is definitely more” when it comes to creating a company logo, although this can look ‘simple’ to do it is very hard to get right. A logo doesn’t need to show every aspect of a company but instead should be a nice simple reflection of the business.

Either in a more obvious way through the use or creation of a clever icon to support the stylised type or through a carefully thought-out text only logo which has hidden subtleties such as clean lines, spacious, confidence, clear and precise which can also have very good reflections of a companies work and services.

Research of the business and competitors should be a key part of the process, the more understanding you have of  the company and industry the more relative and appropriate the logo designs will be. Take a look at some of the top brands and see how simple but effective they are.

It should be memorable, the simpler it is the more easy on the eye it becomes and easier it will be to remember. This will then be more practical when being applied on smaller assets as well such as business cards and email signatures.

3 key points to better logo design

  • Using typefaces that compliment the logo icon or graphic
  • Creating equal spacing, even the spacing between each letter can make all the difference
  • Keeping the use of colours to a minimum and the choice of those colours working together
  • A better understanding of the business and its values

Take a look at some of our recent logo designs or contact our Essex Logo Design team for more info on Logo Design & Branding and see what we can create for you.

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