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Will Small Business owners lose out in the race for being found online?

The recent ‘mobilegeddon’ google updates has triggered large activity amongst some small businesses owners to act on their current website and by making it mobile-friendly will become more visible to online customers.

However, recent studies have shown that there are a large number of small businesses that have yet to join their competitors and the race to a better online presence.

The new google update works by rewarding businesses websites with more prominent positions in search results but only if they have optimised their website for mobile devices, for those that are still unsure of what “responsive website” or “mobile-friendly” website is, basically it means your website recognises the device it is being displayed on and responds to it by adapting itself to view more easily and friendly on that device, something that must be built into the website itself.

Those without mobile-friendly websites face a threat of being less visible online.

The google algorithm change is in response to how people search and shop online today. The search engine giant estimates that around half the online searches for UK businesses are done using a mobile device.

Our essex based web design team will support all our clients in their move to mobile, making it as affordable and as simple as possible, seeing that having a mobile presence can dramatically improve user experience and make small business websites accessible to a wider audience.

We offer interest free pricing plans which help small businesses spread their payments across a monthly plan allowing them to have what their business needs and move fast and thrive in their market but at a cost that works for them.

We will also run a free website audit on your current site which will show us current site speed, current mobile presence, site traffic, broken links and more which will help us focus improving the areas that are suffering and holding your website back.

Feel free to give us a call anytime to discuss your existing website, pricing plans and how we can help

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